New immigration law for Canada

The Canadian National Assembly of Quebec has passed a controversial immigration bill that would lead in particular to the abandonment of the 18,000 immigration files submitted in this French-speaking province.

New immigration law for Canada

Law No. 9 was passed by lawmakers at the end of a marathon session called by the ruling "Quebec Future" coalition, Simon Golan Barrett, Quebec's Minister of Immigration, announced on Twitter.

The new law includes a reform of the selection process for candidates, which will henceforth be in place by the professional skills of the immigration applicant taking into account the needs of the labor force in Quebec.

The passage of this law will result in the cancellation of 18,000 immigration requests, covering about 50,000 people.

These requests were submitted based on the old system based on giving preference to contact first. These candidates for immigration had to submit new applications according to what is mentioned in the new law.

The Quebec government promised to shorten the period of study of skilled worker applications from 36 to six months, based on the new law.

The Minister of Immigration added, "We have modified the immigration law in the public interest, because it has become necessary to have migration in line with the needs of the labor market."

The opposition condemned the new law, which it considered "inhuman", and considered that the government is unable to justify giving up 18,000 files.

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